Fairfield Loan Office lends money on all portable goods as security

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Special Conditions

The terms and condition apply to pawnbroking.

  • As pawnbrokers we can only lend money on goods left  with us as collateral (the pawn or pledge). This is our security and is valued  according to the second hand market.
  • All jewellery is kept in our safe.  However, should you require your goods to be insured, please make your own arrangements. 

Our terms

  • We charge 20% per calendar month or part thereof, on the amount borrowed.
  • No other fees and NO GST
  • All items are pawned for 3 months. Extensions are possible by arrangement of payment of outstanding interest.
  • We will lend from $1 to $20,000 with adequate security.
  • All goods are stored at owner’s risk. Should you require insurance, you must arrange it.

We own our premises and have been located at the above address since 1976.
We are licensed “Pawnbrokers and Second Hand Dealers” by the NSW Department of Fair Trading
We are members of the NSW Pawnbrokers Association.

Your options are

  • You may pick up your goods anytime within the three month (90 day) period by paying the amount borrowed and the charges outstanding
  • You can extend the “contract” by arranging the payment of all or some of the outstanding interest due.
  • If you can't do either of the above, speak to us and we'll try to come to an arrangement.
  • If you do nothing, we will hold the goods for the agreed 90 days and then sell or auction them.

FAIRFIELD LOAN OFFICE 93 The Crescent  Fairfield NSW 2165 
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Instant Cash, We buy and sell new and used goods. We loan money on all portable goods.
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