Fairfield Loan Office lends money on all portable goods as security

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  • As with a bank, pawnbrokers need collateral for a loan.
  • You must pledge an item of value for a loan. 
  • The value of the loan is based on the resale or secondhand price of the goods to be pawned.
  • Jewellery both gold & silver rings/chains/bracelets are very popular items to pawn.
  • Other popular and trendy items attract a higher price than average, often closer to the new price.



Good Id includes:

  • Photo ID such as your Drivers License (with current details)
    is Good ID.
  • Proof of Age Card or Australian Passport plus a document with your name and current address
    is Good ID
  • Health Care Card or Pension Card plus a document or card with your name on it
    is Good ID.
  • Bills such as Phone/gas/electricity are ok plus one other card with your name on it
    is Good ID.
  • Trade Certificate/Club Card/Bank or Credit card plus a document with your name and address
    is Good ID
  • Rent Receipt from your Landlord/Agent plus Medicare Card together makes a
    Good ID.

If your not sure ring us FIRST on 9724 2072 and we can advise you !

Additional requirements

  • If you have the original receipt, bring it, as it generally ensures more money.
  • Have an idea of how much money you want or need.
  • The goods you wish to pawn need to be your own personal goods, otherwise you must have the permission of the owner to pawn the goods in your name. If you do not own the goods, you must be able to tell us who owns the goods to be pawned.

You will be required to sign a “statement” on the pledge ticket confirming the goods are your property.

WARNING: “It’s a crime to give false information or make a false statement”

Any Official information you provide will be given to the Police

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